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Ride Like The Wind – 1981 Live Soundboard – Rolling Stones

Ride Like The Wind – Live Soundboard from 1981

Disc 1

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01. – intro –
02. Under My Thumb
03. When The Whip Comes Down
04. Let’s Spend The Night Together
05. Shattered
06. Neighbours
07. Black Limoousine
08. Just My Imagination
09. Twenty Flight Rock
10. Going To A Go-Go
11. Let Me Go
12. Time Is On My Side
13. Beast Of Burden
14. Waiting On A Friend
15. Let It Bleed

Disc 2

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01. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
02. – introductions –
03. Little T & A
04. Tumbling Dice
05. She’s So Cold
06. Hang Fire
07. Miss You
08. Honky Tonk Women
09. Brown Sugar
10. Start Me Up
11. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
12. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
13. Down The Road Apiece (Philadelphia 09-26-1981)
14. Mona (Philadelphia 09-26-1981)
15. Tops (Philadelphia 09-26-1981)
16. All Down The Line (San Francisco 10-18-1981)
17. Star Star (San Francisco 10-18-1981)

Disc 3

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01. Under My Thumb (Pontiac 12-01-1981)
02. Shattered (Pontiac 12-01-1981)
03. Black Limousine (Pontiac 12-01-1981)
04. Twenty Flight Rock (Pontiac 12-01-1981)
05. Going To A Go-Go (Pontiac 12-01-1981)
06. Time Is On My Side (Pontiac 12-01-1981)
07. Waiting On A Friend (Pontiac 12-01-1981)
08. Let it Bleed (new Orleans 12-05-1981)
09. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Largo 12-09-1981)
10. – introductions – (Largo 12-09-1981)
11. She’s So Cold (Largo 12-09-1981)
12. Miss You (Hampton 12-18-1981)
13. Brown Sugar (Largo 12-09-1981)
14. Start Me Up (Largo 12-09-1981)
15. Jumpin’ jack Flash (Largo 12-09-1981)

Disc 4

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01. Beast Of Burden (Chicago 11-25-1981)
02. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Pontiac 12-01-1981)
03. Miss You (New York City 11-12-1981)
04. Honky Tonk Women (New York City 11-12-1981)
05. Brown Sugar (New York City 11-12-1981)
06. Brown Sugar (Boulder 10-04-1981)
07. Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Boulder 10-04-1981)
08. Street Fighting Man (Boulder 10-04-1981)
09. Baby Please Don’t Go (Chicago 11-22-1981) *
10. Hoochie Coochie Call (Chicago 11-22-1981) *
11. Long Distance Call (Chicago 11-22-1981) *
12. Mannish Boy (Chicago 11-22-1981) *
13. Chanpagne And Reefer (Chicago 11-22-1981) *

*Bonus tracks from Checkerboard Lounge gig.

Rolling Stones – Ride Like The Wind (1981) 4CD
Various Dates & Locations
Excellent Quality Recording
Rattle Snake (RS 041/042/043/044)
Author: MunichHilton
The true treasure of this bootleg is the unedited tapes from the Let’s Spend The Night Together Tempe Arizona show. You can get the East Rutherford show in perfect quality to but this was the great outdoor experience that made 1981 a great great tour…
Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe Arizona
December 13th, 1981
Take The A Train
One of the most complete versions you’re going to hear on any bootleg, this is the track that the Rolling Stones used to take the stage throughout 1981 and 1982. All Stones fans know it and it still gets you excited about whats about to happen. Specifically that the Stones are about to take the stage with a song from 1966!
Under My Thumb
Keith starts us off and then essentially is the lifeblood of the track taking intermittent solos throughout. This is the unedited and longer version than the movie buffs are used to. I really like the little lead flourish at the every end after the band has crashed to a halt. Keith plays a mean lick that shows how much energy and enthusiasm he has this day.
When The Whip Comes Down
Foolishly omitted from the movie release this track lives a life of its own in Tempe. Theres classic backing vocals and Mick singing his lyrics with ferocity and purpose. Sure, they knew the cameras were on and were not phoning this in for any reason, but the Stones sounded like this a lot during 81/82.
Let’s Spend The Night Together
Back to 1967 for another track that barely lived any live life. Played at El Mocambo in 1977 and Knebworth in 1979, this track likely had been on their minds for a while. This is an outstanding outing for it. Mick thanks Phoenix for coming out.
Before trying out any of the new Tattoo You tracks this is a good warmer for Keith and Charlie to get it going. Phase 90 rules the stadium for 5 minutes.
The first shot at Tattoo You is not a likely song. One they expected to be a hit and they even made a video for but it never budged. It was one of the only tracks from Tattoo You that was actually a new recording. Keith Richards likes to tell the story that this is one of the only songs where Mick wrote the lyrics for him after being evicted from another apartment.
Black Limousine
Another Tattoo You track after Mick checks with the crowd down in front. Making sure they’re good. This one is alive with the weave. Keith trying out every lick he ever learned from Muddy’s Greatest Hits. Ron taking solo after solo while Ernie Watts seems to be the only one playing rhythm. This is fantastic Rolling Stones music.
Just My Imagination
The second offering from the Some Girls LP of 1978. This track averaged 6 minutes on the 1978 tour. In 1981 they made an epic out of it. Mick grabs a Gibson SG which is suspiciously quiet throughout and this baby lasts between 9 and 12 minutes depending on which you listen to. Listen to the guitar work while Ronnie is soloing at about the 6:10 mark. Keith is laying down almost a funk riff which is JUST INSANE!!!
Twenty Flight Rock
Continuing with the covers the band breaks into what might as well be a Stones song by Eddie Cochran. In its unedited form this song is just majestic. Bring this one back once in a while! Ian Stewart is just in heaven here. If you only listen to him you got your $17.50 worth.
Going To A Go Go
Charlie starts off the second to last cover of the day in Tempe. This song was a mild hit for the Stones when Still Life came out although the Hampton version is what was released. Only Satisfaction was released from this perfectly recorded show.
Let Me Go
Played at all shows in 1981 and 1982 but not since. Too bad really as its got the perfect chugging tempo with Keith and Charlie locked into each other. Mick would use this song to ‘visit’ with the crowd. It was sort of his act of defiance I suppose after the death of John Lennon at the hands of a fan a year prior. Running around the entire stadium high fiving and singing.
Time Is On My Side
The last cover of the night. This was a good one to hear as it was so rarely played after its heyday. Keith on backing vocals and Mick doing his outstanding best.
Beast Of Burden
Bring back the MXR!!! This is just so perfect I cannot stand it. Keith’s riff is decorated by Ronnie’s colors and imaginative runs up and down the white strat.
Waiting On A Friend
Only the third new track of the day. Mick grabs an Ovation acoustic which were hugely popular back then. I have not seen him play one since but unlike the SG, this appears to be plugged in and ready. You can hear him playing while Keith is on his Rosewood Telecaster. It’s a perfect combo of noises but this song just never lives up to its studio counterpart. One of Ronnie’s effects is making a bit of noise at the beginning that catches Micks’ attention. He says “Sounds like you’ve got a grasshopper down in there Ron. We’re gonna do this one grasshopper and all”
Let It Bleed
Mick remains on acoustic. This is the first tour where this song ever gets any attention. It works pretty well as far as keeping the show on track. This has some nice bass and drum interplay.
You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Sticking with the 1969 LP is another EPIC song. This was a concert staple for a long while and still is. It showcases Ronnie Wood while Keith and Charlie nail down the chug. Mick gets the entire stadium to sing along for a while. The movie drifts away after the Let It Bleed and goes over to East Rutherford for a spell. This was the first time these tracks had been heard…and in stunning sound quality.
Band Introductions
Mick takes a moment to introduce everybody from Ian Stewart To Keith Richards.
Little T&A
I’m not certain Keith ever sang this song correctly flubbing lyrics or in some cases making new ones. It just oozes rock n roll and this version is no exception. Mick leaves the stage to do whatever he does and Keith and Ron handle the chores. Notable backing vocals are provided by Ian MacLagan.
Tumbling Dice
The 1972 hit that launched a whole new sound this song is one heck of an anthem. A live staple since it hit #5 in the charts.
She’s So Cold
The mild hit from early 1981 this is another song that never quite lives up to its studio brother. The song actually loses a lot of its groove live as they play it a bit different. I attribute this to Keith riffing slightly different. As they did many times they screw up the beginning as Charlie isn’t sure where the hell Keith is going with it.
Hang Fire
This is an unremarkable song so its inclusion in EVERY show is a bit odd. Maybe they thought it could be a hit as they recorded a video for it. Hmmm.
Miss You
Honky Tonk Women
Brown Sugar
Start Me Up
The last top ten single that I can think of. This was #2 in the US for a while although when this show was played it began its slow decent. This has been played ever since. Like Miss You its one of the tracks people expect to hear.
Jumping Jack Flash
The 1981 versions of JJF were so long that it became another epic. I love the 1981 guitar heavy versions. Ron has some, Keith has some…it just melts perfectly into itself. Ron and Keith step up to the microphone in a clearly premeditated move and sing “Jumping Jack Flash It’s a Gas” about 8 times…Sadly this bootleg version seems to be edited.
The show closer. Balloons, confetti, fireworks, Hendrix, lights…
Down The Road Apiece (Philadelphia 1981)
Let’s back up 3 months to the tours humble beginnings. This is when they were still finding there way through the cover section of the show. This track holds up well and this soundboard version of it is a great testament of that but I guess somebody felt like it didn’t work that well. Its not because of Stew who plays his ass off.
Mona (Philadelphia 1981)
As above this was another attempt at a cover from the catalog. Both songs go way back to the very beginning. Even I can hear this one doesn’t work well although it would be thrilling to see.
Tops (Philadelphia 1981)
The Goats Head Soup outtake that found its way onto Tattoo You. This track is a tough one to pull off live because it relies so heavily on the studio for its sound. The smoothness of the track would never be duplicated live and its been forgotten ever since.
All Down The Line (San Francisco 1981)
This song eventually found its way into heavy rotation but this version from SF is just a rocking blow! Sure I may have been there and you can’t ever say anything bad about the shows I’ve been to, this one cooks!
Star Star (San Francisco 1981)
I had no idea I saw this song live until I just read that.
The next 2 CDs are comprised of a chunk of the Pontiac and Largo shows broadcast by KBFH and available on may boots. It really sounds fantastic here. The notable track is Street Fighting Man (not broadcast) which really didn’t get much of a chance in 1981. This is a complete disaster of an ender. I’m not sure if Keith knew what song he was playing or not but its not Street Fighting Man…that I’m sure of.
Under My Thumb (Pontiac 12-01-1981)
Shattered (Pontiac 12-01-1981)
Black Limousine (Pontiac 12-01-1981)
Twenty Flight Rock (Pontiac 12-01-1981)
Going To A Go-Go (Pontiac 12-01-1981)
Time Is On My Side (Pontiac 12-01-1981)
Waiting On A Friend (Pontiac 12-01-1981)
Let it Bleed (new Orleans 12-05-1981)
You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Largo 12-09-1981)
introductions – (Largo 12-09-1981)
She’s So Cold (Largo 12-09-1981)
Miss You (Hampton 12-18-1981)
Brown Sugar (Largo 12-09-1981)
Start Me Up (Largo 12-09-1981)
Jumpin’ jack Flash (Largo 12-09-1981)
* [with Muddy Waters]
Beast Of Burden (Chicago 11-25-1981)
You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Pontiac 12-01-1981)
Miss You (New York City 11-12-1981)
Honky Tonk Women (New York City 11-12-1981)
Brown Sugar (New York City 11-12-1981)
Brown Sugar (Boulder 10-04-1981)
Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Boulder 10-04-1981)
Street Fighting Man (Boulder 10-04-1981)
Baby Please Don’t Go (Chicago 11-22-1981) *
Hoochie Coochie Call (Chicago 11-22-1981) *
Long Distance Call (Chicago 11-22-1981) *
Mannish Boy (Chicago 11-22-1981) *
Champagne And Reefer (Chicago 11-22-1981) *


  1. Excellent review Mr. Hilton. There are not a lot of people who know how to properly listen to the Stones live.
    You sir have a good grasp of what to listen for and where it should come out of the speakers. Each show is similar but different and I find many boots unlistenable.
    These seem to be better than most.
    Thank you for your review.


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