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  • Marianita : c.mon go heavy bluesy, everybody got to go, if you listened for ...........i love rambler
  • Marianita : just arrived for rambler and rambler is a badass song
  • Marianita : oh it worked today
  • Marianita : btw this chat is genious if it works, nice talking to other Stones freaks while the show is running. Drake did it first
  • keefriffhards : Nita had too much bong
  • keefriffhards : Z ?
  • Z : Nita?
  • keefriffhards : My understanding of french is not very good either
  • keefriffhards : He said he voted Brexit.
  • keefriffhards : He said he doesn't like politicians at concerts.
  • Marianita : What did he say about Macron guest 17
  • Marianita : souds good
  • guest_17 : C’est folie dans la salle.
  • guest_17 : Macron is la`.
  • keefriffhards : Keith is good tonight and Mick is singing really well
  • keefriffhards : Yes very well i think, only thing is French people don't seem to know what i am saying.
  • Z : D'you speak French, Riffs?
  • keefriffhards : Thanks for the link Nita, brilliant
  • Marianita : Go Ronnie go, nice and dirty solo YCAGWYW
  • Marianita : Wow this sounds good to me
  • Marianita :
  • Marianita : Hi Riffhards heres facebook
  • keefriffhards : Hi Nita, just one periscope with SFTD so far. Its as though the Stones have a way of blocking them, people could periscope the support band but not the Stones
  • Marianita : No Paris?
  • Socrates : Yeah Stones!
  • guest_1635 : Maybe leave this chat up for a bit?
  • keefriffhards : Great guys , thanks Selene, appreciate the effort. Thank you Drake too
  • D : Tough night with streams as always. It seems like we were able to watch many shows here in the US without any dropouts, but in Europe not so much.
  • Cocaine Eyes : Cool.
  • D : Selene's feed is now streaming
  • Cocaine Eyes : Drake, Selene is scoping. Hope the link works:
  • EOMS : Welcome to EOMS live chat! We will be switching the live feed to the best currently available Periscope feed. If it drops, hang tight and we\'ll refresh!

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