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Welcome to the new forum!

The Rolling Stones are the greatest rocknroll band in the world.  This website exists as an open forum / message board for fans across the globe to discuss the band, the music, tours, etc in an open format.  The forum is currently in its infancy so please bear with us as the aesthetics and functionality continue to improve.  Rest assured things will continue to improve on a daily basis.

Additionally there will be several major content series released over the coming months.  This includes a bootleg review video series, where we cover all the major full releases as well as the legendary bootlegs which have been traded among collectors for years.

Nanker Phelge is a bit of an inside joke with the Rolling Stones, hence the name.  We could easily change that further down the line!

If you are new to the forum, welcome.  If you are a longtime IORR, Shidoobee or Rocksoff lurker, poster or banned member, you are welcome.  All are welcome!


  1. Am I the first one to post on here ????????

    It was where I saw the possible renaming of the site at some future date.

    Just to say I am all for that as I know NankerPhelge is something associated with The Rolling Stones but there are much better ones.

    Off the top of my head , Brown Sugar, All Down The Line, Sticky Fingers, Edith Grove, Exile, Not Fade Away to name just a few.

  2. THANK YOU so much for inviting me to the club! I am a member of SHIDOOBEE, but I left the Facebook group before the start of the Zip Code your because I was being bullied for daring to express my disappointment that Mick has a favorite rap singer! I am glad it was not Kanye West, but just not into that genre. I like ROCK N ROLL!! NOT into drama, I just LOVE The Rolling Stones, and like sharing my passion and insights with other like minds. We don’t have to all agree about everything, just agree to disagree like ADULTS!

    ABOUT ME AND THE BOYS. I have been a life long Rolling Stones fan. The first song I heard by the band was THEIR version of “As Tears Go By”, coincidentally the first song that Mick and Keith wrote together. I think I was about 10 or 11 years old. The first album I OWNED was “Love Ya Live”, it was given to me by my brother, who took me to see my first concert at New Orleans Superdome in 1978 during “Some Girls”. I have seen every show in USA since then, wit the exception of “A Bigger Bang” tour when I was a starving student and could not afford tickets. I did, however, live about 15 blocks from one of the venues they performed in Los Angeles during that tour. I stood outside The Wiltern Theatre (a small intimate venue) for a bit watching fans thinking that one day I would get the chance to see them in a small venue rather than oceans of people at a stadium show,. Well my friends I got that experience in Los Angeles this year at the Secret Show on May 20 2015. They invited me to the show. I look forward to sharing my experiences and knowledge of the band with you all…Oh and LOOK for my review of Secret Show, I am working on it as soon as I finish this post. STONES LOVE FROM LOS ANGELES….#ItsOnlyRockNRoll and I LOVE IT LOVE IT by The Stones!!!

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This forum is dedicated to an open discussion of all things Rolling Stones.  From new fans to hardcore veterans, everyone is welcome.  Forum is moderated lightly.  The golden rule is in effect. Let the discussions run rampant, as long as personal insults stay at the door!