Handsome Girls - 01 - The Rolling Stones Live in 1978 - Bootleg Review

Handsome Girls – 1978 – Bootleg Review

Handsome Girls – 1978 Live In Texas

Disc 1

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01. Let It Rock
02. All Down The Line
03. Honky Tonk Women
04. Star Star
05. When The Whip Comes Down
06. Beast Of Burden
07. Miss You
08. Just My Imagination
09. Shattered
10. Respectable
11. Far Away Eyes
12. Love In Vain
13. Tumbling Dice
14. Happy

Disc 2

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01. Sweet Little Sixteen
02. Brown Sugar
03. Jumping Jack Flash
04. All Down The Line (alternate Mix)
05. Honky Tonk Women (alternate Mix)
06. Starfucker (alternate Mix)
07. When The Whip Comes Down (alternate Mix)
08. Beast Of Burden (alternate Mix)
09. Shattered (alternate Mix)
10. Faraway Eyes (alternate Mix)
11. Jumping Jack Flash (alternate Mix)

Disc 3

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01. Let It Rock
02. All Down The Line
03. Honky Tonk Women
04. Star Star
05. When The Whip Comes Down
06. Lies
07. Miss You
08. Beast Of Burden
09. Shattered
10. Respectable
11. Just My Imagination
12. Far Away Eyes
13. Love In Vain
14. Tumbling Dice
15. Happy

Disc 4

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01. Hound Dog
02. Sweet Little Sixteen
03. Brown Sugar
04. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
05. Miss You
06. Lies
07. Beast Of Burden
08. Shattered
09. Just My Imagination
10. Respectable
11. Sweet Little Sixteen

Author: Breath

Clever title? Maybe. Killer bootleg? Oh, yeah. Gotta be in any semi-serious Stones fan’s possession.

1978 was to the Ronnie Wood Stones what 1972 was the Mick Taylor Stones. In short, they never sounded better before or since in the Ronnie years. And Handsome Girls captures it in a way no other recordings from the tour do.

For those who were around at the time, we got giddy when the Passaic show soundboard circulated on titles like Garden State ’78 before the tour had even cooled down. Played the grooves off the four sides, but there was something lacking in the recording, although not much lacking in the performance. Guitars were thin. Too thin.

Then we hovered near the radio and got the cassette deck ready as a series of King Biscuit Flower Hour broadcasts were delivered to our amazed ears. Lexington and Memphis were featured and we were transfixed. Oh, my, but the boys were hot on stage. Taking chances, featuring not one but two Chuck Berry covers and knocking them out of the park. Tossing in an Elvis treat for Memphis folks. And celebrating their best album in years by playing all but a couple of the 10 trax from it.

Oh but wait, there’s more. Fast waaaay forward to the digital era….and we get these broadcasts and more – come on down Fort Worth! A 4cd collection of the very very best of 1978 all in one tidy little package and the sound quality tops anything we could have hoped for.

I’ve never believed in the myth of the “weave,” but if I had to point to the best example of what I think others are talking about – this would be the place. Ronnie and Keith bouncing licks up and down, in and out, over and under….hey – you don’t like Miss You in the Vegas era? – get a load of what this sounded like on a hot sweaty night in ’78 – that ain’t no disco!

Handsome Girls – not just a clever title.


  1. I forgot how good the sound mix is on this after watching Live In Texas so many times. It adds more feeling to the music. I haven’t had this much fun listening to the Stones in a long time.

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