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    On April 26, 1965 the only concert the Rolling Stones played, or attempted to play, in London, Ontario was cut short by the cops.. After about 15 minutes the cops, fearing a riot, cut the power to the stage. The cops were correct, after they pulled the plug there was a riot. They said they would come back to play a makeup concert but they have yet to make it. It is my understanding that this is the only Stones show that was stopped or cancelled that was not resumed or re-scheduled.

    In the mid nineties the movie Stones at the Max came to London and quickly sold old only to have the projector screw up and the show was cancelled but the promoter said they would re-schedule the show. London’s bad luck with the Stones continued as the movie has not returned for it’s make up show either.

    In a 1999 letter Michael Cohl, the Stones tour manager at the time, advised that the Stones would consider playing London next time they toured but again we haven’t seen them yet.

    We have started a petition to ask them to keep their promise. If the members of this forum are willing to support us by signing the petition we may be able to get them to come back to London, Canada.  The petition can be found here http://bit.ly/2oepRbu or buy searching for Rolling Stones petition on Google.

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    i voted for the Stones to come back to London Ontario to finish their concert 😉 , some nice pics here


    Don't you think it's sometimes wise not to grow up?

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