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    andrew t

    “I was always more of a Rolling Stones man than a Beatles man, though. I shot them in 1964, then again in 1966, when they were in a bad mood after a very hectic performance in Amsterdam. I was in their dressing room and Mick Jagger said: “Get out, I hate you!” But if you aren’t demanding, people soon forget you’re there. I hate to make people pose. I’m too lazy and shy to ask Mick Jagger: “Please stand there.” I prefer spontaneity.

    This is from when I saw them next, in 1973, playing to 16,000 people at the Antwerp Sportpaleis. I was allowed to take photos from the stage front for three songs, then I had to go back into the crowd. But I had a telephoto lens and actually took this later, from the crowd, where photography was forbidden. I hope they don’t sue me for it.
    Mick looks like the devil, just for this one split second. When you’re working, you hardly notice what you’re seeing. But later, you look at your contact sheet and think: which of these is telling my truth? A lot of my photos are accidents, but luck is like a streetcar – when it passes, you have to jump on.”
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    Awesome picture. Rocknroll

    Don't you think it's sometimes wise not to grow up?

    October 15, 2015 at 4:33 pm #23989

    Any picture of Sir Jagger works for me.
    Appreciate the post AT.


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