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    This can be an artist or band you’ve seen for the first time…..or not.

    For me, seeing Joe Bonamassa recently for the first time was an absolute mind blowing experience. Whether he’s playing his own music or covers, his arrangements are great, making the guitar as important, or more important than the song itself, and as a guitar player influenced by Hendrix, Clapton and Page, I totally appreciate it. And being able to see him in a small venue is a bonus!

    I can't tell you the way I feel because the way I feel is oh so new to me.......or whatever

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    A significant fact about Bonamassa was that he was mentored by Tom Dowd. Below is a short clip from the documentary film Tom Dowd & The Language of Music.


    Dowd at the soundboard, Criteria Studios.

    Criteria Studios in Miami, FL.

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    I saw these guys a few weeks ago at a theater venue in downtown Los Angeles (or, as the kids have it, DTLA) and was blown away:


    I’m a late-comer to hardcore drone but have a few favorites like Earth, Boris, the Melvins, and Sleep. (not all drone, i realize, but in the same aesthetic ballpark)

    You don’t so much listen to a Sunn O))) show as absorb its bludgeoning low-end through the rattling in your bones and the hallucinatory hum in your tissues; you don’t enjoy them so much as survive them. A unique experience I will never forget.

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    To answer about the thread topic, seeing The Who in Boston in 2012 playing their album Quadrophenia all the way through was a dream come true, a culmination of more than 30 years of Who fandom for me that remains a night to always be treasured.

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    James Taylor

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    Don't you think it's sometimes wise not to grow up?

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    I guess Prince actually, or maybe Sting.

    Took a budget ticket flyer on both of them I think in 2012.  Both utterly fantastic shows.

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