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This was part of the DVD series, celebrating the 30 years of the 1982 tour, “Thank you for waiting vol.1”. 27-05-1982 Glasgow, Scotland Under my thumb (part) From TV news 02-06-1982 Rotterdam, The Netherlands Under my thumb (part) From TV news 04-06-1982 Rotterdam, The Netherlands You can’t always get what you want (part) From TV news 05-06-1982 Rotterdam, The Netherlands Under my thumb (part) # Going to a go-go * Tumbling dice * From TV news # Upgraded audio from VGP-263 “Mojo’s finest” * Remastered audio 06-06-1982 Hannover, Germany Under my thumb # When the whip comes down # Let’s spend the night together * Shattered * Neighbours * Let me go (part) * Time is on my side * Band introductions * Little T&A * Tumbling dice * She’s so cold (part) * Hang fire * Miss you * Honky tonk woman (part) * Satisfaction * # From TV news * From private video Upgraded audio from DAC-091 release “All the girls in Hannover” 08-06-1982 Berlin, Germany Under my thumb (part) From TV news Upgraded audio

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