Reply To: OT: New Dylan track from upcoming gospel-era bootleg box

November 22, 2017 at 5:15 pm #72610

That was nice of you to say I’m unbelievable. Thank you. I think.. You would believe me face-to-face. But I think that’s not what you meant. I want to leave the posts up maybe. I just want a clean slate. I don’t want to think there are a couple Billys out there, because people think they figured something out on a website. Maybe I want too much? You know that line about some trigger happy fool, always willing to take chances? That’s not me. I’m always unarmed. I’ve never owned a gun. I negotiate for peace whoever I go. Now somebody might be grinning to themselves on the orange and green site, quoting Man Of Peace to themselves. That’s not what I want! I let people think things tho, OK. Socrates said it was OK to fool some people by using deception. If people want to think I’m the Devil they can. But it makes me uncomfortable. Because I’m not the Devil. I sincerely believe that I could negotiate for world peace, beacsaue that’s how approachable I am. That’s how really nice I am. That’s why girls like me. If anybody wants to talk to me feel free. The drinks are on me.

one mojito for me sir 🙂 and be happy, at least you are not an Tasmanian devil

Don't you think it's sometimes wise not to grow up?

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