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November 7, 2017 at 6:12 pm #72375

I found tons of Beatles’ songs, with acoustic guitar usually credited to John Lennon. Some of the songs are hard for me to know if most people would classify them as “pop” versus “rock” so, to be in keeping with the topic of this thread, I won’t post what videos there are of some of these “pop” or close to “pop” that have acoustic guitar such as Can’t Buy Me Love, Eight Days a Week, We Can Work it Out, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Here Come the Sun, Hey Jude…and the few forays into country/parody such as “The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill’ and “Rocky Racoon”.

There’s acoustic on one of my very favs, “Polythene Pam”, which I’d say is rock not pop, but there is no YT video at all and I don’t know how to post a music clip from my computer’s  media files onto this website.

These two songs below are probably considered to be more ‘pop” than “rock” but I’ll allow myself these before I finally stop posting here today…

“Lovely Rita, album cut from Sgt. Pepper” album,  I think is fun and also, contains an instrument that’s funny to hear–on Wikipedia, it is called “comb and tissue kazoo” by Paul M and credits John L on acoustic rhythm guitar. In this Live clip from 2013 there is use of a kazoo that sounds a lot like the original’s “comb & tissue” type.

I wonder what all would be posted if we had a thread called ‘Most Unusual Musical Instrument Used in a Rock N’ Roll song”?



“Two of Us” album cut from “Let It Be” 1970 release year-Paul M lead acoustic, John L rhythm acoustic, no YT available from original recording, so here’s a Paul M all acoustic version.


"The Tauk Abides" (inspired from "The Big Lebowski" film-Jeff Bridges' last line)

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