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…with George Harrison credited with acoustic guitar on this first single release 1972

A surprise, at least for me, was Ringo’s “Back Off Boogaloo” because, well, first of all, it’s just so good, great rock sound, but also because it is maybe the Snarkiest lyrics I can think of in a rock song–Ringo, although sometimes just as humorous as his two counterparts, was not particularly snarky while a being a Beatle that I know of.

The funny thing about this song-after I looked up the lyrics a couple years back and could see exactly what they were, it reminded me of a guy who had a very late night hot dog stand right in the area of the Vegas (previous) old city bus terminal in the old downtown area. It’s now the Mob Museum, but I digress… 😉

LYRICS (because they’re too funny to accidentally mishear)

abbreviated lyrics

“Back Off Boogaloo”


Back off boogaloo,
I said, back off boogaloo,
I said, back off boogaloo, boo.

Back off boogaloo,
What d’yer think I’m gonna do?
I got a flash right from the start.

Wake up, meathead,
Don’t pretend that you are dead,
Get yourself up off the cart.

Get yourself together now
And give me something tasty. 😈 
Everything you try to do,
You know it sure sounds wasted.

Back off boogaloo,
I said, back off boogaloo.

You think you’re a groove,
Standing there in your wallpaper shoes 😈 
And your socks that match your eyes.


Back, ba-ba-ba-back!

A 2005 version Live

"The Tauk Abides" (inspired from "The Big Lebowski" film-Jeff Bridges' last line)

'I need a..I need a bohemian atmosphere" ("Performance" Warner Brothers film)

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