Reply To: BACK from self-imposed Exile From EOMS…

November 4, 2017 at 11:24 pm #72291

Yeah, where is Munich? — I need a snack machine that can vend me Zero bars and pronto!


I like that you’ve liked your own post — as a tribute to Munich no doubt. I like that one can like one’s own posts, a bit like a dog licking its own balls — it does so because it can.


Tell ya true, myself, I’m in a bit of a self-imposed time warp from the twenty-worst century, because the world is just so upside down and over the top, if you get my meaning — hey, that phrase just came off the top of my head, fancy that! To keep my time warp secure, I can only discuss the politics contemporary with the music I listen to — that is, LBJ, Watergate, Gerry Ford falling down, etc., and Chevy Chase making fun of it on SNL. You know, lately I’ve even been taking to the early “disco” era — I now realize it has its roots in soul and funk, and I can certainly understand how uplifting it was in the years immediately following Watergate.


Well, cheers! Oh, and see what you can do about getting that snack machine back in here, will you? Snacks are a greatly underrated essential food group…

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