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November 3, 2017 at 6:20 pm #72144

Thank’s for the link Strongbeach, very interesting read. Unbelieveable, you got me rocking has been played 442 times while No expectations only played 20 times, a song that works very well live imo. So is a warhorse a song played more than 500 times ? or does Pain it black concidered a warhorse too ?, “only” played 377 times. The list beeing upside down ha ha ha awesome

I think a “warhorse” is one of their greatest hits, like Satisfaction, Miss You, or Start Me Up — something that was a huge hit in its time and has been played to death on radio ever since, to sort of define what the band is more or less about, in a limited general fandom sense — and so, something they can’t get away with not playing live. You Got Me Rocking, 442 times, isn’t that incredible? You Got Me Face Palming! But Paint It Black has been reissued on best of compilations dozens of times — how many times has You Got Me Rocking been reissued like that? If I had to guess, I’d say once (on GRRR! maybe?). I suppose they like to play it live because it’s just basic rock and roll that’s easy to play — but hardly the makings of a classic if you ask me. Dandelion was just a one-off nod to flower power, but I agree that’s one I’d like to see done live. But my favorite part is the drum parts at the end, and so Charlie would have to do it just right, just like on the record, or I’d be pissed and feel cheated! 🙂 I can think of a couple others offhand that have never been done live — Fingerprint File and Time Waits For No One. I wonder how Ron Wood would handle TWFNO.

Ok thank you SH about the warhorses. Dandelion is a flower power kind of song but me like the good vibe of the song, i love it and as you say, would have been nice to see it played live. According to the list StrongB posted, fingerprint file have been played  43 times live, it’s on the Love you live release remember. I also like to trade fingerprint file for Miss you. I guess the reason TWFNO haven’t been played by Woody is because i guess it sounds not good compared to the Taylor version 😉

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