October 10, 2017 at 11:42 am #71166
andrew t


So anyways… I checked out the two change-ups to the setlist and (usual disclaimer here: it’s 2017, it’s relative to other recent shows etc.) the actually sound half decent. I can’t figure Keith out. Granted, I didn’t analyze the whole show but he did pretty well on Bitch. Decent sound on the YT clip too. Some good bottom end on it, helps to hear the drums really thumping. If I were there and it was loud, I’d be having a good time.


Get Off Of My Cloud not bad either. I just like seeing Charlie play that opening break. Same YT uploader, so there’s good bottom end on this one as well.


Ronnie really saves the last minute and a half of Gimme Shelter. And boy, arenas sound SO much better than stadiums.


Street Fighting Man. Keith locks in at 4:47. Cute moment with Mick bro-ing down with Keith and Charlie at 5:10. He looks so genuinely happy that Keith is doing OK.


And hey, Keith didn’t blow the intro the intro to Start Me Up, so there’s that.

Maybe a visit from Angus Young perked him up.



And today in Google Translate:

To put together the setlist was certainly a tricky task for the many hits. “Start Me Up”, “Brown Sugar” or “Honky Tonk Woman” showed, of course, why Keith Richards is called “The Human Reef”. His guitar sound seemed to be absolutely raw and filterless, according to the tour motto, including small playfuls.



Hotel Director Cyrus Heydarian of the Breidenbacher Hof is known for having a passion for great musicians. Other hotel managers would also have no objection to a visit by the band: Open was in the advance, namely, if and where these will dine out. The combo was once with the Italian Michelangelo Saitta in Oberkassel and many years ago in the Benkay at the Nikko hotel.

Sandra Epper, general manager of the Nikko, is curious: “We would be very happy, of course, when the Rolling Stones eat with us again.” The same is true for Intercontinental boss Britta Kutz, who recommends a Sunday roast for the rockstars: “No question: I would like to have Mick Jagger and his colleagues like to serve this housewife’s costume,” she says amused.