October 9, 2017 at 6:07 pm #71142

Didn’t I see you down in San Antoine on a hot and dusty night? If I could stick my hand in my heart spill it all over the stage …. What a drag it is getting old

Nice ones Tauk, and this, didnt i see you down in San………………..Awesome 🙂

marianita-perhaps you’re referring to my enchanted evening May 31 with David Jo (and his beautiful, talented wife) in San Francisco.

WHICH BRINGS to my mind the opening line from a song outside of the rock genre but nevertheless a good one, associated for many years now with the vocalist, Tony Bennett

Opening lines “I left my heart in San Francisco”

Another SF wonderful opening line song:”If you’re going to San Franciso, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair”

From 1967 Monterey Pop festival – you can’t get more hippy than that! Beautiful song..I think that opening line and the other descriptions in this song of SF  played a major role in the formation of the idealistic, golden hippie-land-image in the mindset of many people who lived far from CA…I once mentioned this image of flower wearing Californians to a gal who was born & raised & lived in CA…she said the only people who dress like that (flowers in their hair) are the tourists who go to CA.


EDIT/P.S. I just now noticed at 1.21 they show a brief picture of Brian Jones (not performing, just being in the audience/crowd with a fan or some guy taking his picture) ..I didn’t know he was there at all= I had the old VHS tape for this Monterey Pop Festival- of course, Janis J & Jim Hendrix & many others are shown performing in that tape but no Stones played.

"The Tauk Abides" (inspired from "The Big Lebowski" film-Jeff Bridges' last line)

'I need a..I need a bohemian atmosphere" ("Performance" Warner Brothers film)