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nice to see you again stonehearted–(I just now noticed the connection I think my mind made here between your pic of your wonderful old school hippie like long rock & roll hair and me remembering this particular song. You could’ve been the poster boy for this song so to speak but you weren’t old enough in 1971). And the sign said Long-haired freaky people need not apply-Five Man Electrical Band “Signs”

Hi Tauk, thanks! Yeah, I was only 5 in 1971. But, you know, at the end of that decade I was always letting my hair grow longer. Just a natural tendency, I guess. I mean, who needed that Vitalis hair oil or the hair sprays that would keep one’s parted hair in place? That stuff just gave me dandruff. That pic in my avatar — it’s from last year, November. I’m 50 in that pic. I suppose I’ll update it eventually. Would you believe, that’s from among my very first set of selfies? I just bought my first iPhone that month! I took one with an iPod touch in 2015 for my avatar here — it had the camera in the front but I couldn’t see it so I was taking it backwards, I got lucky with one presentable pic out of ten I tried. But I agree, the sexiest look was from the seventies — well, maybe because it was in that decade that I became sexually aware, so why not? I seem to remember from the “You show me yours, I’ll show you mine” thread here that you have a nice, luxurious head of longish dark hair. But I also like that “pixie” look from back then, too. I mean, howsabout Marlyn Mason? As Nikki Bell in Longstreet, they don’t get any cuter than that! Image result for marlyn mason actress Image result for marlyn mason actress Well, cheers! Image result for long hair blowing in the wind

hey stonehearted- i can relate to being a late-bloomer when it comes to cell phone ‘selfies”. As a matter of fact, most pics of myself I’ve taken directly using my laptop’s camera. I just wasn’t in the mood to learn about cell phone pics so I use to just hold up my laptop and try to get the miniature little camera to land in the right spot to take my own pic.

You say you have to take about 10 selfies to get one you like-ya, well my ratio is about 30 takes per 1 half-way decent pic.

Despite the super short pixie cut on that wig mannequin which is my current avatar, I just believe that humans were meant to have long hair. I often wonder how cave people managed to comb their hair or wash it, etc.

I was a little too young for the Broadway iconic show “Hair” but I know it was a major big deal back then for Broadway to embrace this cultural shift. Noone talks about this show, song, or soundtrack anymore. I think it was from 1968, so you would’ve been about 3 years old.  But it was a fun song on the radio–classic old rock stations still played it during the 70’s Humorous lyrics, for sure. I’ll elaborate more on the Dolls and “Hair” soundtrack over on the ancient music thread in the next few days.

Here’s the opening lines to “Hair” song:

“She asks me why I’m just a hairy guy…I’m hairy noon and night, hair that’s a fright…” it gets better and better as it really gets going…Ha! Hilarious if I do say so myself. 🙂




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