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stonehearted-yes, david johansen always cites the shangri-las as being very influential to his own musical sound. i luv this video, shows how they were different than what i usually picture when thinking of girl groups from the early 60’s. i miss your ancient history music thread stonehearted. we really got going on that thread-good info & listening.

Yes, that was a fun thread. I’ve added to my music collection the last few months, so I may dig up that thread and add to it — but you never know if there’ll be time left to post here. Like Jim Morrison sang: “The future’s uncertain and the end is always near…” Speaking of the Shangri-Las, didn’t either the Ramones or Dolls do a cover of this?

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hey stonehearted-the New York Dolls performed “Out in the Street” during what was suppose to be a one-time reunion night in 2004 in the UK. Here’s a video of this song from that venue.  There’s a DVD plus Youtube of the event.

Funny how when the term “gang” is used in this song, both by the Shangri-Las and The Dolls, that it is not referring to today’s use of the word “gang” as in criminal street toughs but rather, it’s used as we might currently say referring to just a group of friends, in a positive context.. David changed some of the words of the lyrics like “you don’t hang around the band (or gang) no more and a reference to her (the topic of the song) not wearing high heeled shoes no more” which is kinda funny since David always wore 3-4″ heeled women’s pumps back at the apex of their heydeys in the early 70’s. The camera lighting wasn’t so good for this video, I mean it’s ok but it looks like cheap digital or something. I’d go on but it would fit the thread topic better in the ancient Music thread.



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