October 5, 2017 at 10:40 am #70900

I saw them in Copenhagen and i won’t say it was they’re best show ever he he but what a funny goody day, starting out in Christiania, Stones show and partying all night long in Christiania after the show. Drake, can you start a Stones 1969 forum, that will be damn good.

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Hey Nita, i wondered if you would see them in your country, could you be honest and tell us what it was really like. Judging by what i have seen on youtube they sound terrible, i know they are old but so is Buddy Guy or Eric Clapton, they still seem to play to a decent level. Keith just seems to have completely lost it, i fucking love the man, but i can’t bare to watch. His timing is all over the place, what is he doing still touring . Be honest though, in your words how would you say he played.

eh well first of all my short memory is bad he he drinking and bongalonging makes you have a good time but the day after i always regret it he he when will i learn. Norway is my home country so i had to go to Denmark, it’s a short trip and i have some friends there. The sound was awesome raw and loud, but the energy of the band is lacking. A 1973 Stones on that equipment would have blown the place apart. And about Richards, i love him but i don’t know why he is so loud and doing some soloing, some of it is cool but some of it is also “not good for the ears”. Why is he more and more into posing like Jagger. Watch a 70’s show and you can see how focused he is on his guitar hammering/pumping out those lovely hard chords. In Copenhagen he oftened stop playing and had more focus on moving around. But hey, it’s Keith fucking Richards, you got to love him and i would go see him tomorrow also if i had the opportunity. I think it is time for them to slow down, play small arenas, play some more blues, play some stones gems, just relax and have fun. Stones please stop the giantmania thing, you can relax and to things in a more suitable tempo and size, the band have nothing to prove, we all know they are the greatest rocknroll band ever. That said, i had a great time and so did the most of the audience i think, the atmosphere was unbeatable, the band still do some surprising wow stuff. Long live the Stones, long live Keith Richards (and long live Mick Taylor) Did you see them in Germany Riffhards? I’m very happy with the show, i’m only pissed about no mr.D. but still ONE LOVE

Haha Nita you are so like me, we always get to drunk and bongalonga to remember properly lol. Of course Norway , yes sorry i said Denmark was your country. Durr. I have had too much bongalonga today and everything else because i am in a lot of pain with my back. Can you believe i have sciatic nerve trouble and the Doctor sent me home with liquid morphine, that’s the wrong thing to give a men like me hehe. One tablespoon goes to four. Enough of me already, yes Nita i agree with everything you say about keith except i love watching him move about showing off. Remenber when he could move and play great , like in the 90’s but then keith was too low in the mix. now we get him too really loud and he can’t play very well. Go figure as our american friends say. No Nita i didn’t see them in Germany, why would i go there, crap audiences like in England.. I nearly saw them last week in Amsterdam but because of my back could not make it. my friend Z was there and i hoped to meet him but wasn’t mobile enough. I’m getting better now though, ready for my air guitar playing and Paris soon . I’m mumbling, its the morphine, see you around.

Sorry about your neck, hope you get well soon, btw sister morphine is one of my fave Stones songs but only sticky fingers and demo’s. And you sure will have a nice time in Paris (place pigalle and les abbatoires)This will always be “the” Keith for me, back in the days when he was focused and hungry for kicking some asses, look how he keeps his eye on that guitar. And it was awesome hearing Jagger paying some tribute to Christiania in the introductions, the free town of Copenhagen known for all of the goodies



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