October 3, 2017 at 10:20 am #70825
andrew t

Just catching up on some of the Amsterdam clips now. Shine A Light came off really well. The slower tempos this tour really helped this song. It put some soul into it. Ronnie did an admirable job when his moment comes up for the first solo. Of course, the fluidity isn’t quite there, but it’s a lot sweeter on the coda.

I like how the song almost lurches to a halt at 2:40, and Mick needs to check in with Charlie, who finds it all rather amusing.

I can’t really make out Keith in this particular YT clip, but it looks like he was on it.



Keith comes through a little better in the mix on this one:




Also, I think it’s the first show on this where the SFTD didn’t sound completely pooched.


Pretty ripping version of SFM, especially the last minute and a half of jamming.


-10 points for needlessly bringing back YGMR, but overall it’s pretty good from what I can gather. This and Zurich seem to be my pick so far.

If they had played Mr.D instead of YGMR it definitely would’ve been this show all the way.