July 9, 2017 at 8:24 pm #68957
Cocaine Eyes

So, I get home from a beautiful dinner out – to find THIS. Jagger is also working with Skepta, a hip-hop/grime artist. If anyone has anything to add…….please do so. I’m fresh outta ideas and thoughts. God only knows what Keith is thinking/saying/laughing/crying.

Skepta and Mick Jagger, London 2017. (One of the most inspiring days of my life.)

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What I gather so far is: 1. Jagger has a solo record coming out on 21st July. 2. It has two songs – Gotta Get A Grip & England Lost. 3. It looks like Jagger has shot videos for one/both tunes. 4. Then, the Stones go on tour in Europe. 

For the sake of clarity, please add whatever you know. I’m completely out of it. This Jagger solo thing (read – piece of crap/nothing) has put a spanner in the works.

Thanks ~CE 💀

ETA: And if you’re at all like me and you don’t know who Skepta is – here’s his song called No Security: