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Dear David “Doll”.

Would you please consider becoming my step-daddy too? Or perhaps be your step-sister would be more age-appropriate I guess==WHATEVER WORKS 🙂 and then there’s this real nice, cute blonde gal from Norway….well, I’ll let her contact you herself if she wants to…I promise I’ll gladly share in your household’s functioning. “We’re All In Love.” I totally get it. I’ll ask your wife, Mara, myself if you’d like. (Ya Ya I know, I don’t have a chance in hell. Oh well).

I Mean It,

Tauk a.k.a. “So Las Veg-ious”

Marianita: I assume you have the Dolls’ 3 2000’s albums…I love all of them. and I love the backstage/off-stage stuff on the DVD’s that come with the 1st and the 3rd of those 3 albums. David is so hilarious!

From the New York Dolls’ 1st of 3 stellar rock albums they put together when they got back together from 2004-2011.

This is from 2006 album “Someday It Will Please Us To Remember Even This”

Song titled “We’re All In Love”. Here’s a 2010 Live Version WITH LYRICS BLOW THE VIDEO



Lyrics ’cause I think they’re worth it  🙂  🙂  🙂


We’re all in love! [Repeat: x4]</p>
We all sleep in one great big bed
People like to think we’re seekin’ a head
Everything to them is just a functional fit
Got a bad reputation, just won’t quit
Defame with great suspicion, hostility
Despisable, phenomenal, illusory
Pretty fancy words for not really real
Love ain’t pretty, it’s the way that we feel because</p>
We’re all in love!
We don’t care!
We’re all in love!
What could they do to us?
We’re all in love!
You can do whatcha wanna but
We’re all in love!</p>
<p class=”verse”>Jumpin’ round the stage like teenage girls
Castin’ our swine before the pearls
Don’t fuck with us, what people say
They go to work, we go to play!
Drunk on the joy, a-singin’ a song
Lovin’ hard as the day is long
Excommunicated, then canonized
When love is strong, life intensifies because</p>
We’re all in love! [Repeat: x4]</p>
We love fightin’ like lovers do
Love makin’ up in a hour or two
A kiss on the lips, unseemly for a man
Least we don’t go around holdin’ hands
Most times we don’t, but don’t stop tryin’
With the music we got to manifest the divine
To beam it up with love and let it rock on down
Til every creature hip to the ultimate ground because</p>
We’re all in love!
What do we care?
We’re all in love!
It’s our life!
We’re all in love!
You can do what ya wanna, but
We’re all in love!
We don’t care!</p>
We’re all in love!
(in love)
We’re all in love!
(in love)
We’re all in love!
(in love)
We’re all in love!
Love! Love! Love!





"The Tauk Abides" (inspired from "The Big Lebowski" film-Jeff Bridges' last line)

'I need a..I need a bohemian atmosphere" ("Performance" Warner Brothers film)