April 29, 2017 at 5:45 pm #67364

Marianita, how sweet!  So glad you read You Get What You Need.  I would like to do that story of ‘the banned’ if I could find out all the details.  That would make a good chapter for the second volume of my book, huh or even a nice stand-alone essay, names changed to protect the innocent (and the guilty?)  Great idea.  Maybe this summer I could start a topic about the process of doing the book.  People could contribute questions and info as they wished.  That might work, huh?


Thanks for enlarging the cover!  That picture there is an artist’s rendering of a real photo of Blue Lena and Keith backstage that she gave me permission to use.  The artist is Kristen Thiele.  I had bought a  piece of hers and asked her if she would do the cover.