Rolling Stones - Claudine - 1978 Some Girls Studio Outtakes - Front

Claudine – 1978 – Some Girls Studio Outtakes

Claudine – 1978 Some Girls Outtakes

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  1. Claudine
  2. We Had It All
  3. Run Run Rudolph
  4. When The Whip Comes Down [full master take]
  5. Dance (finished instrumental mix)
  6. Before They Make Me Run (promo version)
  7. Beast Of Burden
  8. Let’s Go Steady
  9. Shattered (instrumental take)
  10. The Harder They Come
  11. I Think I’m Going Mad

Rolling Stones - Claudine - 1978 Some Girls Studio Outtakes - FrontRolling Stones - Claudine - 1978 Some Girls Studio Outtakes - Label1
Rolling Stones - Claudine - 1978 Some Girls Studio Outtakes - BackRolling Stones - Claudine - 1978 Some Girls Studio Outtakes - Vinyl Label 2

Author: munichhilton

This is a review of the circa 1983 Dead Spider Productions bootleg release “Claudine” by munichhilton for EOMS
Ripped from vinyl by silkcut1978 and shared with anybody that also misses this great LP.
One of the first bootleg LP’s I bought at the record store where I had a summer job. This record is very nostalgic for me and one of my all time favorites. This was never released on CD but its various tracks can be found on numerous releases.



This track is one of the most enjoyable Some Girls outtakes of all time. When this came out of the speakers the first time you knew you not only had something special but it was exciting to think what might be coming up next on this LP! By now most have heard this track in its Deluxe release form on the SG CD’s. This version differs in that it’s a bit sparser with the piano and bass doubling each other while Charlie plots along. Keith has a nice song-long solo going on in the lower spectrum while an acoustic guitar is strummed throughout. This lacks the sing along at the end with Mick, Keith and Ron shouting ‘Claudine’s back in jail again!!” over and over on the release.

We Had It All

A song I had never heard before this boot and I instantly thought it fit Keith amazingly well. What a perfect track for him to sing. There was no way this was going to win out over Before They Make Me Run but a great track just the same. I imagine this came out of those tense moments back in 1977 Toronto when Keith felt the need to record ‘Sing Me Back Home” and ‘Say It’s Not You”. This fits right in with those. There are a few alternate takes of this song that are around including now officially. Collect ‘em all!

Run Rudolph Run

This 1976 recording amounts to Keith’s very first solo works. The eventual single from 1978 didn’t have an A or B side, it just had 2 great tracks. Keith no doubt chose this cover because of his mentor Chuck Berry had made it famous, but even Berry had covered it rather than written it. Cut in London with only Ian Stewart on piano and Mike Driscoll on drums its maybe a precursor to the bare sound that the Wino’s would later patent. This track used to be very sought after by us collectors but guess what…now you can just go to iTunes! This was mixed better and isn’t lossy but many don’t care either way. You’ll get the other side of this single later in this boot.

When The Whip Comes Down

This is a great example of why this bootleg LP was an instant favorite. This is the complete unedited take of Whip with an early vocal by Mick. The band chugs and chugs for 10 full minutes with Mick singing verses we can sing along to and many we can’t! The rhythm and lead guitars are all from the final take as is the drum and bass track but the release would eventually lose almost 6 minutes of this incredible rock n roll! Listen to this track and get lost in the Pathe-Marconi sessions with the Stones. On a side note, damn Ronnie liked that whammy bar.

Dance (Instrumental)

The Emotional Rescue track the way Keith had hoped it would find release; no vocals. That is a long held Rolling Stones myth but there may be some truth to it as here we have it for no apparent reason other then someone wanted it out. This was released only as a promo B side to “If I Was A Dancer” so it was great to find instead of searching second hand stores from 1981 to 1990. The boot just flows perfectly along like an actual album release. This instrumental is the perfect breather after the guitar assault that came just before!


Before They Make Me Run (promo remix)

This is the exact same backing track as the release but there are a few differences that make it very collectable. First, Ronnie’s guitar solos are a bit different. Different licks played in different parts. Second, there are changes in the lyrics. Very subtle and not many…sorta like this:
So after all’s been said and done
We need to piss and you can come
But we’ll walk before they make us run
And if its over I’ll be gone
I gotta move I’ve had my fun
But I will walk before they make me run
Another difference that a lot of Stones fans note is that this track is mixed by Bob Clearmountain. The LP track was mixed by Chris Kimsey. So now you have them both.

Beast Of Burden (alternate take)

This is the finished take in longer form. This was officially released only on the 8 track cassette format in June, 1978. The mix is slightly different in that it’s a bit rougher but all instruments are in place. This alternate as its labeled has some unheard guitar parts as well as some unused lyrics.

Let’s Go Steady

This is Keith’s attempt at Sam Cooke’s B-side during the Emotional Rescue sessions. This track has had a life of its own on several Stones boots and several Keith boots, but also as a live staple on the New Barbarians tour of 1979. Keith sang it while Ronnie played saxophone. On this studio version Keith is said to be dueting with engineer Chris Kimsey’s wife Kristi.

Shattered (instrumental)

This was a revelation on this LP when I heard it. It’s got everything that eventually became “Shattered” except lead guitars and vocals. It’s also a bit rough but the production will fix that later. It’s so interesting to listen to Keith play off of Charlie for 4 minutes with his Phase 90 setting the signature sound of “Shattered”. Mick’s ghost vocals can be heard in some of the quieter areas. Not sure if he was in the room listening to this rhythm clinic being given or if its ghost vocal but damn…what an exciting track.

The Harder They Come

The other side of the Run Rudolph Run single released in December 1978 turns out to be as much of a keeper as the track it was accompanying. This is almost Keith solo, but really is a result of the early RCA sessions in Los Angeles leading up to the serious tracking for Emotional Rescue. Charlie and Ronnie are the only other Stones on the track. This is right after the Some Girls tour and just before the New Barbarians tour so it would have been really great to see this performed live but at least we have this document of Keith reggae. Another aimless meandering version exists but this is the final officially released track.

I Think I’m Going Mad

A track that later found new life as the B side of “She Was Hot”, this is the track as it evolved. Everything here is in its finished form and in rough mix. Later added to this base track for the official release are keyboards, another Keith guitar lead and of course the inimitable Keith, Ron and Mick backup vocals. This track lacks the extremely wet reverb production of the final release as well. At least they didn’t replace Charlie with a Sequential Tom!
CS Blues (fragment)
At the very finish of the LP just as the needle is to drop off into the dead wax you get a little surprise when the bootleggers added only the most unsuitable part of this intentionally offensive track. It lasts for 9 seconds so I’ll leave it to you to figure out the passage…sorry if Think I’m Going Mad lulled you to sleep. You’re awake now


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